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Why I write this blog

First, it’s online. Backed up, saved, highly available, and in an easy, readable format from any device. Second, I’m anonymous. The platform I use has a nifty anonymity feature that you can pay for when you create your domain, so my personal information is safe and sound. Finally, it’s like a real life diary of my trading thoughts and habits. I find it very easy to go back, look at trades and performance over time - and the value and feedback that this provides cannot be understated. It’s like a mirror of where I’ve been. 

I think the quote above, even though it’s not mine - is both accurate and applicable to my trading endeavors. 

As I begin my fourth full year of trading the markets, Ive found that most of the trading success that I’ve had was developed when the markets were closed. My nights and weekends have been spent engrossed in this never-ending process of learning how to trade with edge. All effective traders (those that grow their account consistently over time) have an edge, but the best ones work tirelessly at developing their edge for the future. Even though 2017 has been an historic year for the broader global markets, I’ve already been giving thought to how I’ll trade when a correction occurs. I want to be a great trader, and with that comes an attitude that even though I’ve got a 9-5 job,  I’ll treat my trading as a true business - always honing my skills and tweaking my approach to my passion. 

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