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Podcasts I Love (and learn from)

There are a number of podcasts that I listen to religiously, and I find that they are beneficial for swing trading ideas, risk management, position sizing, entries/exits, etc. However, the most important and memorable podcasts are the ones that deal with trading psychology.

Here are my favorites:

The Better System Trader by Andrew Swampscott - this guy has some fascinating interviews with quant/system traders and there’s a wealth of information that can be collected from jotting down a few notes  from his guests and researching them later. 

The Inner Voice of Trading by Michael Martin - his podcast has the same name as his book. He’s a system trader and a big commodities and futures trading guy. He’s funny and has very deliberate way about him - a true “no nonsense” approach to the markets and is a huge advocate of back-testing and trend trading, with strategies for adding position size to winners and managing risk. A must listen podcast, indeed. Some of this stuff about running third party money isn’t applicable to me, but I love his show. 

Invest Like the Best by Patrick Oshaughnessy - great market insights and he has some interesting guests. 

Rebel Traders Podcast, by Trade Canyon - these guys are a little long winded - but they are very successful traders and have a great section of their show where the call “bullshit” on a particular market feature, misconception, or expert analysis. A great show, but you will want to use the fast forward button to blow through some of the BS. 

Give the above a listen, and let me know what you think. 

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