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Enough is enough... I hate politics but please have some common sense.

The Democrats have pushed hard left with an Anti-American agenda based on skin color and failed Socialist/Communist policies. Whether one likes Trump or not, he has exposed just how corrupt and powerful the elite media and entrenched government agencies are. They are nearly all aligned against him, even some parts of the Republican party. Leftists defend this narrative be accepted by maligning Trumps character and his policies. But he has attempted to do what he said he would do when he ran for President in 2016- despite this all-out attack from the elite and anti-American forces at work within the USA. The left is allowing and encouraging violent “protests“ and the promotion of a rigged election as a last ditch effort to unseat Trump. I think it could backfire on them and they could lose in a couple of months like they did four years ago.

Black Lives Matter is beginning to lose its shine. People are beginning to see that violence and mayhem is not solving race issues. Trump CLEARLY is a different Candidate than Whatever the left can come up with. If you like what the democrats do , vote for Biden. If you like law and order, vote Trump.

The left are once again the fascist mob - threatening violence, destroying property, looting and murdering, and of course, demanding that everyone comply with their special "salutes".

Your only chance to keep the basic rights and civilization that most of us currently enjoy is to vote RED and keep them from stealing power by underhanded means.

Take a stand, it could be your only chance!

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