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O’Bummer vs Trump

People talk in stupid generalities about Barack Obama and his policies. Most people would answer that he “did a good job” because the media adored him. Under Barack Obama's foreign policy, nearly every area of the world was thrust into greater conflict, from Ukraine to Syria to Libya. Under Donald Trump's foreign policy - both Israel and the United Arab Emirates have cut a deal, and Kosovo and Serbia just normalized economic relations.

Obama threw the Middle East into turmoil with his support for the Arab spring and the brief Islamization of Egypt under Morsi! The Syrian civil war bloodshed was all due to Obama being weak.

Obama went on a pathetic global apology tour and bowed down to dictators - all while making a terrible deal with Iran, the biggest supporter and global sponsor of terrorism. China was playing the US and no country was paying their fair share until Trump started thumping skulls.

Russia invaded Crimea without any consequences and China stole from us at will. No wonder they liked us! Obama left the world far worse off and also worsened race relations in the US. He was a smooth talking, very composed disaster.

if you need any more proof of How ridiculously soft he was, look no further than here:

OBummer was soft as puppy shit.

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