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This is dumb and dumber...

Drew Brees really put the name of a rapist with a warrant who resisted arrest and pulled a knife on a cop on his helmet.


Brees stood up in the beginning to say he would never kneel during the national anthem. Then he folded like a lawn chair. He’s not a man of conviction. Remember how quickly he denounced about not kneeling during the anthem? The guy is just like the people in BLM riots. Just going by the flow. He’s afraid to think for himself because they will call him racist for not participating.

The guy needs a better set of friends.

Drew Brees has to lead a bunch of whiney self-entitled athletes who identify with this false movement. If he doesn’t bend the knee he’s going to lose the team. I’m sure he is biting his lip and doing what it takes to keep the locker room from falling apart - but that cant help him sleep at night.

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